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Kali Maa Puja Specialist – Astrologer Pandith Adiguru

Kali Maa is one of the most celebrated women goddesses of Hinduism. She still signifies success and she is very kind and loving, even though she is represented as aggressive. Lord Guruji himself came before her in the form of an infant when the frightened Kali was slaughtering the devils on the battle and seemed unpredictable. The motherly instincts of Maa Kali suddenly came to the fore and she picked up the little baby to support it. Thus, this form of the Goddess is considered as kind-hearted when she acts as a protective mother. Devi Kali is the most ferocious form of Devi Durga who is associated with the planet Saturn. And since it is the planet associated with all sorts of instability especially personal, commercial, and legal.

Kali Puja is one of the most hindu Mythology festivals, dedicated in the fearful form of Maa Kali to the Avatar (incarnation) of Goddess Durga. The Puja is performed to protect oneself from evil and negative forces that harm our spiritual and mental psyche. It also eliminates the feelings of fear that from time to time affects us. Kali Puja is conducted mainly in the eastern region of the world, including the state of West Bengal, with genuine enthusiasm. The festivities include the lighting with earthen lamps of homes and temples, signifying the dispelling of darkness.

Benefits of Worshipping Maa Kali

Mahakali is regarded as the most powerful and dominant goddess. It is assumed that immediate results can be obtained by worshipping Goddess Kali with complete dedication. This aims to relieve tensions and anxiety. If you do not find any light in your life, then watch Kali Puja on the day of Amavasya, nearest to you, and you will be relieved from trouble and pain. Below are the situations from which Maa Kali can save her devotees:

• Ill effects of black magic and evil spirits

• High debts

• Losing numerous jobs on a regular basis

• No promotion in career resulting in a failed career

• Unnecessary troublesome events

• It removes the pain and sufferings that are caused by multifarious causes and improves relationships in the family.

• Removes all negative energies from the house and also brings peace and happiness.

• Kali Puja can liberate the individual and also guide for the attainment of wisdom.

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